6 New Goal Setting Techniques for 2016

Recently we have started thinking about our goal setting techniques over here at CTO 2 GO. This was sparked by a great article written by Michael Hyatt. In his article The Beginners Guide to Goal Setting he points out 5 great techniques for jumping into the world of goal setting.

Although we find traditional goal setting techniques a fundamental building stone to helping us successfully attain our goals we thought, “Hey why not jazz those steps up a little by adding some alternative steps and making the steps more relatable.”

So, as the new season sets in, we are often finding ourselves in spring cleaning mode and setting new goals for the year. We are finally kicking the winter hermit. Let’s boost our traditional goal setting techniques and try adding some new steps along the way:

  1. Clear thinking: Take sometime to yourself and clear you mind, try mediation. Find realistic goals and jot them down.
  2. Realist: Be a realist, set goals that are attainable and not to far fetched. Use realistic time lines to stay on task.
  3. Small to large: Start your list off with the goals in closest reach. Sometimes checking off a few items will keep you motivated to follow through with the rest.
  4. How to: After writing down a goal list off a couple of how to steps. If your goal is to save money, list off your plan and how you will reach your saving goal, add a date, something to commit too.
  5. Keep in plain sight: Keep your goals visible, you need to be reminded everyday. Make colorful sticky notes and put them on your washroom mirror or closet door. Remove the tags every time you’ve completed one.
  6. Will power: Remind yourself everyday of your will power, stay driven and focused. Meeting your goals will be the best gift to yourself. Rewards as goals are met is always helpful!


There you have it. Our NEW additions to help with goal setting. What did you think? Or better yet, what are your personal and professional goals for the year? Be accountable, comment below!


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