Polishing Social Skills To Be More Productive At Work

Starting with the basics, social skill is the way, behavior or even attitude you have publicly with others. It is mainly verbal, but the term also refers to physical, mental, and emotional behavior socially. In the workplace, social skills are known as interpersonal skills. Both social skills and interpersonal skills refer to the same thing—interaction […]

How Not To Be Your Own Enemy

Every one of us has a mental voice that keeps on feeding self-depreciating thoughts to the brain, making us think that we aren’t good enough. Though some of us might be blissfully unaware of this voice, it is constantly there making us doubt everything thus making ourselves our own worst enemy. The thoughts and ideas […]

The Five Best Leadership Books You Should Read

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, it is a fact that reading quality books can offer words of wisdom that can have a positive impact on your life. There are numerous books out there which are packed with valuable information, able to provide insight on the quintessential human experience. And yes, these books can […]

Should We Be Looking to Children to Teach Us How to Learn?

When we think about the world of children, it is a world of discovery, investigation, and exploration. A world of first times. They’re absorbing information, learning without even realizing it is happening. Do we become weary of learning or are we, as adults, just afraid to put ourselves out there? Researchers have been studying this […]

How Is Productivity Affected When Employees Set Their Own Schedules?

In some professions, a strict work schedule is imposed upon an employee by virtue of their job.   For example, a teacher is guided by their students’ timetable and a train driver must depart the station on time. Outside of these frameworks, a company may set guidelines for working but generally, employees will be given some […]

Engaging Your Team in 4 Easy Steps

Managers play a key role in engaging their team but not all managers have the skills or knowledge they need to achieve this. An engaged team should be happy and motivated and look forward to coming to work for more than just a pay check. Enthusiastic employees are an asset to a company and therefore […]

4 Great Ways For Project Managers to Engage Customers

Effective project managers will know how important successful engagement is for future business prospects. Good engagement with customers can lead to repeat business from their current clients as well as referrals for future business. If making money is your aim, then engaging your customer will be your game. 1. How to engage your customer Clear […]

Teamwork.com Board View for Tasks Explored

Teamwork.com released Board View for Tasks a little over a month ago. For some, this task view will not fit their project management style and for others, it answers a demand that has been stemming for a while. Now that we all have had a chance to play with Board View for Tasks, it’s now […]

Board View for Tasks – A New Teamwork.com Feature

We often hear that many SaaS based software solutions are not flexible. Users are forced to follow their prescribed process or methodology on how to do things. While this may be true and perhaps, a valid business model, one of the impressive things about Teamwork.com is their desire to go against the grain and give […]

Panic vs Urgency – How to Get Your Team to More Quickly

Which is better – spreading panic or creating a sense of urgency? What is the difference between the two? When a deadline looms, there is a heightened sense of tension amongst your team. Some people respond to this pressure better than others. But pressure is not panic, and neither is its urgency. Do you feel […]