Subtasks: Because you can, should you?

In November we published a blog titled “5 Reasons to Stop Using Excel for Project Management Right Now!” that highlighted the reasons why you should not use excel for project management. This blog did not highlight proverbial elephant in the room when it comes to Excel or any piece of software and that is: features […]

Signs Your Productivity Needs Improvement

When a project is in full swing, monitoring output and productivity is tough. Knee-deep in clutter and driven by meeting deadlines, the organization of a project and its team can be nothing short of chaotic. If this describes you and your team the hard truth is that as a result, productivity is slipping. To get […]

Leadership – The Best Examples to Show Your Team

Leadership is somewhat of an enigma. On the one hand, we all know people we have worked with who have demonstrated great leadership. And we have a few examples of people who berated, belittled and shouted. The paradox of leadership has fascinated us for millennia. How do some people seem to effortlessly step into the […]

4 Habits You Need to Form in 2017

Habits are funny things. When we are out of routine, as is want of a habit, we can become unsure, worried and anxious. But forming new habits is tough.

Why Great Training Builds a Stronger Team

A great leader leading a great team is the stuff of dreams… and yet so few reach the pinnacle of team working success. Projects are often beset with difficulties, teams fractured and ill prepared for the tasks in hand. Training a team is one thing. A great leader is another. Without the two working in tandem, […]

The Hidden Gem: Searching in Teamwork Projects recently published a blog about a new feature in Teamwork Chat, namely searching. ( We thought we would take a moment to highlight a feature within Teamwork Projects that we all use, but perhaps don’t appreciate all that much. Searching! Teamwork Projects – Search Field Searching within Teamwork Projects can be done is a […]

5 Reasons to Stop Using Excel For Project Management Right Now!

“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.” – Marshall McLuhan Spreadsheets are amazingly, versatile tools. With enough effort you can do a lot with them, but the question is: Just because you can do it, does that mean you should? People tend to use what they know, so naturally Excel can be […]

Habits – The Key To Success (Or Failure!)

“ We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then is not an act but is a habit” – Aristotle We have all been there; A year has passed once again and a new year is fast approaching. Committing to ourselves things such as going to the gym, eating healthier, studying daily, reading more and the […]

9 Qualities Of A Great Leader

Leadership in a company is deemed as one of the most integral parts of company success. Specifically, employee overall satisfaction is commonly linked to the management within the work place. According to this article, one of the top reasons why people leave their jobs is that they don’t like their bosses. Bosses can make or […]

6 New Goal Setting Techniques for 2016

Recently we have started thinking about our goal setting techniques over here at CTO 2 GO. This was sparked by a great article written by Michael Hyatt. In his article The Beginners Guide to Goal Setting he points out 5 great techniques for jumping into the world of goal setting. Although we find traditional goal […]