Why Great Training Builds a Stronger Team

A great leader leading a great team is the stuff of dreams… and yet so few reach the pinnacle of team working success. Projects are often beset with difficulties, teams fractured and ill prepared for the tasks in hand.

Training a team is one thing. A great leader is another. Without the two working in tandem, difficulties are not ironed out as well or as efficiently as they should be.

So, with a great leader in place, all you need to do is train your team. Simple. End of article.

But not quite. You need the right type of training and you need to encourage and support your team to the strong collection of people that you, your business and project need.

And this is training makes a strong team;

Team members are more aware of how they work

Everyone works and achieves things in different ways. In many respects, it is not the destination but the journey. Delivering a great project on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the client can be done in an infinite amount of ways but, were efficiency and productivity at their peak?

They get to know each other

Teambuilding exercises and icebreakers share the same response in trainees: a slow eye roll and an instant switch off. Forcing people to get to know each other is demeaning and unpleasant, but a team that trains together gets to know each other better. Connections between people, tolerance, and understanding, make for a stronger team.

Clear roles and responsibilities

Training helps your team to gel, blur boundaries and pull them together. But within this, people need to understand what their roles and responsibilities are, and what others are too. This understanding fosters strength within a team that others marvel at. It is not a case of putting people in boxes and asking them to stay there, however.

Welcome (and expect) feedback

A trained team is one that welcomes and expects feedback because, they are a group of individuals who want to progress themselves, as well as the business within which they work. They understand that reviewing and reflecting on their performance is a key cog in the machine of improving and growing.

They expect rewards for success

Just as a strong and trained team looks for ways to improve, it also understands that celebrating success and being rewarded for their part is also important. This doesn’t mean a boozy night and dancing the night away in a club, however. It means thanking people and acknowledging their contribution.

They pull together

There are times when the chips are down. The client has moved the goal posts, the project success is on thin ice and everything is balancing on a cliff edge. A trained team will pull together. They will digress from their own role and responsibilities, understanding that it is for the greater good.

In effect, a trained team delivers better. People are happier because they are challenged without being overwhelmed. Can you say that about your team?


OneMotion helps organizations choose and deploy software in a way that their teams will actually use it. Ever hear someone complain that ‘they’ve tried 10 different tools and none of them worked’? That’s usually a people problem, not a tool problem and we are all about fixing those people problems. Talk to us to find out more!


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