4 Ways To Boost Collaboration By Breaking Down Silos Between Departments

Silos are hard to predict and identify, which makes them the number one enemy of both small and medium-sized businesses. When you’re not paying attention, these “disconnects” fester and grow. Eventually, they have devastating consequences on efficiency, productivity, innovation, and morale. In the long term, they relentlessly erode business growth. There are many major causes […]

Panic vs Urgency – How to Get Your Team to More Quickly

Which is better – spreading panic or creating a sense of urgency? What is the difference between the two? When a deadline looms, there is a heightened sense of tension amongst your team. Some people respond to this pressure better than others. But pressure is not panic, and neither is its urgency. Do you feel […]

How Often Should You Review Your Team Structure?

Working in teams is nothing new. Businesses across all industries often employ this way of working to maximize productivity, and as a means of tapping into specialist skills individual possess. A team structure allows opportunities to be maximized and threats minimized. And with minimal management intervention, it can be a long-term way of working, as […]

4 Habits You Need to Form in 2017

Habits are funny things. When we are out of routine, as is want of a habit, we can become unsure, worried and anxious. But forming new habits is tough.