Advance your career in technology by joining the OneMotion team

We're all about saving businesses by breathing new life into their outdated custom software.

Our Core Values

Right Person. Right Seat.

We use our core values to hire, evaluate and promote our team members.

Truly Genuine

Truly genuine to us means being authentic and sincere, reflecting honesty and integrity into everything we do.

Nurturing Through Change

Change is constant and sometimes, it’s not easy. We embody a nurturing approach, not only with our clients, but within our team.

Commit and Deliver

We believe in doing what you say you’re going to do. Own it and get it done. That’s the only way we succeed together.

Always Evolving

We are life long learners and as are our team members. Continuously changing, developing and progressing is vital to growth. 

Win-Win Partnerships

We win when you win. We mean this with our customers as well as our valued partners and team members.

The Hiring Process

After the application, the process of joining the team at OneMotion is five steps and typically takes between 2 to
5 weeks (depending on the availability of all the parties involved in the process…)

The "Get To Know You" Chat

If your application, resume and cover letter fits the role we're trying to fill, someone from our team will get in touch to arrange a phone chat. This will be a chance to go over the role and clear up any questions you have.

The Case Study

We ask you to complete a case study. It's a great way for you to understand the nature of our work and the clients at OneMotion. Additionally, it provides us with insight into how you'd leverage your skills to assist a client in reaching their objectives.

The Interview

Next, we set up an interview with the Team Lead and the owner to go more deeply into your skills and experience. This allows you to get to know us better as well.

The Reference Check

As part of this process, could you help us get in touch with some people you've worked with before, like old bosses or team members? We'd love to chat with them for reference checks

The Offer

The is the exciting part where we provide you with an offer and look forward to working together