MTSUIP – A Custom Software Case Study

MTSUIP Case Study

MTSUIP Case Study Modernizing legacy software. MTSUIP needed to break out of their manual, time-consuming data collection processes so they could save time and money, and increase member satisfaction. Challenge To replace MTSUIP’s outdated technology and processes with software that would streamline their work and be easy to use for their members. Solution OneMotion worked […]

Yellow Malta – Integrating HubSpot, Teamwork, and a Custom Sales App

Yellow Malta Discover local

Yellow Pages Case Study Integration and automation of communication between HubSpot®, Teamwork®, and a custom-developed sales application. Yellow believes that innovation is the recipe for its enduring success and that digital transformation is its path to the future. Challenge Tracking Yellow’s aggressive sales budget required a time-consuming manual effort coordinating between three separate software applications: […]