5 Simple Ways to Change Employee Behaviour

On very rare occasions a company’s employees will behave just as the managers had intended, but it is more realistic to expect them to behave in a way that you are not going to be fond of. In fact, this will be the case in 99% of scenarios. Unwanted behaviors can decrease morale, cause your […]

The Goldilocks Approach to Improving Employee Morale

How many people are actually satisfied with their jobs? Everyone wants to feel content with their working environment, but the reality is that over 50% of the workforce is still struggling with the corporate culture. Although the satisfaction rate is higher than previous years, some still experience difficulties with morale-boosting techniques and finding the right […]

How Great Leaders Use Body Language to Establish a Strong Presence

You may have sometimes wondered why a particular person was considered a great leader when they weren’t even the smartest person in the room. You see that people are drawn to them, but you can’t exactly put your finger on it. The answer lies in subtle nonverbal signals we call body language. People evaluate body […]

How To Become A Respected Boss

Becoming the head of a company is great. You know how the company runs, all the ins and outs, and you’ve been working there long enough to recognize its goals. However, becoming a respected boss is even greater, and tougher. Who wouldn’t want to have their team to be happy and ready for putting in […]

The Best Employee Engagement Trends for 2017

There has been a drastic change in the employee recognition programs in the last few years. This shift involves an understanding of how vital it is to retain the best-performing employees and how to re-engineer employee recognition as a core function for business. But what is the cause of this change? According to various studies, […]

The Five Best Leadership Books You Should Read

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, it is a fact that reading quality books can offer words of wisdom that can have a positive impact on your life. There are numerous books out there which are packed with valuable information, able to provide insight on the quintessential human experience. And yes, these books can […]

How Is Productivity Affected When Employees Set Their Own Schedules?

In some professions, a strict work schedule is imposed upon an employee by virtue of their job.   For example, a teacher is guided by their students’ timetable and a train driver must depart the station on time. Outside of these frameworks, a company may set guidelines for working but generally, employees will be given some […]

Engaging Your Team in 4 Easy Steps

Managers play a key role in engaging their team but not all managers have the skills or knowledge they need to achieve this. An engaged team should be happy and motivated and look forward to coming to work for more than just a pay check. Enthusiastic employees are an asset to a company and therefore […]

4 Great Ways For Project Managers to Engage Customers

Effective project managers will know how important successful engagement is for future business prospects. Good engagement with customers can lead to repeat business from their current clients as well as referrals for future business. If making money is your aim, then engaging your customer will be your game. 1. How to engage your customer Clear […]