Teamwork Tip of the Month – The Danger in Actionable Comments

In today’s social media atmosphere, we are used to being able to comment on everything. It started with the “Like” button which was then found to not be appropriate in certain circumstances, but it was the only way to express a comment to the post, photo, etc. The ability to comment on anything is a […]

Teamwork Portfolio

There have been numerous times over the last year where I look at the pricing levels on and think to myself that outside of the maximum number of projects, why would anyone want to upgrade? On June 30, 2017, introduced a feature that is only available on the professional level and above and […] Board View for Tasks Explored released Board View for Tasks a little over a month ago. For some, this task view will not fit their project management style and for others, it answers a demand that has been stemming for a while. Now that we all have had a chance to play with Board View for Tasks, it’s now […]

Subtasks: Because you can, should you?

In November we published a blog titled “5 Reasons to Stop Using Excel for Project Management Right Now!” that highlighted the reasons why you should not use excel for project management. This blog did not highlight proverbial elephant in the room when it comes to Excel or any piece of software and that is: features […]

The Hidden Gem: Searching in Teamwork Projects recently published a blog about a new feature in Teamwork Chat, namely searching. ( We thought we would take a moment to highlight a feature within Teamwork Projects that we all use, but perhaps don’t appreciate all that much. Searching! Teamwork Projects – Search Field Searching within Teamwork Projects can be done is a […]