Who We Are

Meet OneMotion – A Software Development Company.

At OneMotion, we believe in the power of simplification.
We work with clients to spark delight by illuminating the possibilities.

Who we are

At OneMotion, we pride ourselves on striving for an ideal blend of business and technology. We are committed to making sure that the right software solution makes its way into your company. We spend a lot of time with leaders understanding their business before providing recommendations. This ensures that those recommendations are dependable and bankable.

What we stand for

We live by our values. We hire by our values. We believe in partnerships – true win-win. We believe in being truly genuine. We believe in nurturing our customers through change. We believe in a Business First, Technology Second approach. And we believe in simplifying the complex. We live by these values every day.

What we're not

We’re not techie nerds. Yes, we know software, and, yes, we know technology. But, we seek to understand your business first. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the business and the technology, simplifying the complex for you and your team. We try our best to speak in plain language and make sure that you understand our approach all the way along.

Why we're here

We are here to help you grow, showing you solutions that you didn’t know were possible. We love that look in our clients’ eyes when they realize that their time-consuming, frustrating issues will be solved with a solution that we provide. Whether it’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or built from scratch, we strive to provide software that clients love.

Some brands we've done it for

What our clients say

I estimate we’ve saved many days a month worth of time, plus we’ve saved money on all of the paper copying we used to have to do.

Theresia LeSeuer

Montana Schools Unemployment Insurance Program

”The people who have seen our application are impressed. With this program, we can compete with the big boys.

Michael McPherson

Unemployment Tracker

The team at OneMotion has created a sustainable strategic advantage for our software initiatives. They are not just developing leading-edge software. They’re assisting in business and process improvements that drive efficiency into our business.”

Jim Milne

MEC Rewards