MTSUIP – A Custom Software Case Study

MTSUIP Case Study

MTSUIP Case Study Modernizing legacy software. MTSUIP needed to break out of their manual, time-consuming data collection processes so they could save time and money, and increase member satisfaction. Challenge To replace MTSUIP’s outdated technology and processes with software that would streamline their work and be easy to use for their members. Solution OneMotion worked […]

Indiana University – a Teamwork Case Study

Indiana University

Indiana University Teamwork® adoption through the OneMotion System™: implementation, training and support. At Indiana University, Teamwork® is ingrained within the Finance Office’s team culture. “You would have to pry it away from us!” Challenge 100+ budget managers relied on the Finance Office for the university’s nearly $200 million budget – and they relied on a […]

4 Ways To Boost Collaboration By Breaking Down Silos Between Departments

Silos are hard to predict and identify, which makes them the number one enemy of both small and medium-sized businesses. When you’re not paying attention, these “disconnects” fester and grow. Eventually, they have devastating consequences on efficiency, productivity, innovation, and morale. In the long term, they relentlessly erode business growth. There are many major causes […]

AI and Project Management: Interesting Changes That Await Us in the Future

Various computer technology advancements have made our lives much easier as they automated many tasks which we had to do on our own in the past. Instead of wasting our effort and time, our gadgets are there to handle various tasks and processes. One of the technologies that make our lives better includes artificial intelligence. […]

7 Things You Can Do To Combat Boredom at Work

We all have those periods at work when we simply feel useless and all we want to do is just go to bed (at least I do). These are the moments when we all just want to have a time machine so that we can fast-forward the time we spend at work. Sadly, there are […]

Teamwork Tip of the Month – The Danger in Actionable Comments

In today’s social media atmosphere, we are used to being able to comment on everything. It started with the “Like” button which was then found to not be appropriate in certain circumstances, but it was the only way to express a comment to the post, photo, etc. The ability to comment on anything is a […]

5 Simple Ways to Change Employee Behaviour

On very rare occasions a company’s employees will behave just as the managers had intended, but it is more realistic to expect them to behave in a way that you are not going to be fond of. In fact, this will be the case in 99% of scenarios. Unwanted behaviors can decrease morale, cause your […]

How to Properly Scale a Project Based Business

A lot of business owners make one common mistake when it comes to growing their business, which is trying to make their companies grow without scaling them first. In order to successfully grow your company, you need to scale it properly. Business growth is about adding more resources at the same rate that you are […]

How to Develop and Maintain Good Habits in the Workplace

A positive work culture is the essence of every thriving business. According to the study done by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, happy workers are 12% more productive than average workers. So, how do your employees perform at work? Does your workforce feel encouraged to come up with new ideas, or […]