7 Ways to Get Your Team to Actually Use Software You Roll Out

Choosing and rolling a new piece of software to your company can be a daunting task. One of the biggest fears that leaders have is that the team won’t adopt the change. Frankly, those fears are warranted. People are typically resistant to new software solutions and the behavior changes that usually come with it. They […]

How to Ensure Your Newly Implemented Software Doesn’t Crash and Burn

The implementation of new software in any company is a serious task. Going through all the phases – Research, Rollout, Revision, and Reinforcement – takes a significant amount of time and effort. At the same time, the processes to be altered by using the new software are very fragile during the onboarding period, and even […]

The Cost of Status Quo: When is it Time to Look at a Software Change?

The cost of the status quo is something that is very commonly overlooked in an organization. On the other hand, it is the one thing that might be pulling your business down. Let’s make things simple. If you are doing everything by the book and everyone is as efficient as they were before, but your […]

The True Cost of Choosing the Wrong Software for Your Company

In all business niches, paying careful attention to the budget is essential for stable growth. Throwing money away on bad decisions can cost quite a lot. For example, hiring a bad employee brings enormous costs to the business. The same goes for making a wrong decision when purchasing a product, be it hardware or software. […]

A Bulletproof Strategy for Rolling Out New Software in your Company

Rolling out new software for your company is a challenging task. It requires time, effort, planning and perfect execution. There is also a slight dose of excitement that follows this process. The primary goal should be enabling your workforce to completely utilize the new software and to experience all the benefits its features pack. In […]

4 Things You Must Do When Choosing Software for Your Company

Optimizing the workflow in your company is necessary for achieving growth through higher productivity. When a business starts up, the task flow is easy to follow, and there is no need for the implementation of various software tools. However, as time goes by, and the business starts expanding, handling more assignments becomes much more challenging […]

Why You Should Get Help to Implement Your Project Management Software

Finding and implementing new project management software is a daunting task. It requires knowledge of business processes, current infrastructure, business goals and needs, and the ability to identify the project management solution that will meet all the requirements. Rolling it out in an organization is not an easy task either. It has to be done […]

3 BIG Reasons Why Software Implementations Fail So Often

Nobody ever plans for his or her software implementation to fail, however, we must face reality and, no matter how much we try to make the whole process harmless, unexpected things tend to happen and, if we do not anticipate them, the whole thing could go to waste. Additionally, a big percentage of companies have […]

How To Become A Respected Boss

Becoming the head of a company is great. You know how the company runs, all the ins and outs, and you’ve been working there long enough to recognize its goals. However, becoming a respected boss is even greater, and tougher. Who wouldn’t want to have their team to be happy and ready for putting in […]

The Best Employee Engagement Trends for 2017

There has been a drastic change in the employee recognition programs in the last few years. This shift involves an understanding of how vital it is to retain the best-performing employees and how to re-engineer employee recognition as a core function for business. But what is the cause of this change? According to various studies, […]